Vedic Astrology

This refers to Hindu or Indian astrology. This system was started in ancient India by sages of that era. It is also known as “Jyotish”, or the science of light.


Astrology studies the impacts of planetary movements on people’s lives. It is based on astronomy. Astrologers study the positions of the various planets and make charts based on these positions. Astrologers make predictions based on these charts. The purpose of astrology is to understand the self and one’s karma in this life.

Principle of Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology presumes that all phenomena is linked. A person’s fortune is predicted by cosmic design. An individual is a soul incarnating in a body at a particular time and place. As an analogy, human birth can be compared to flowers that bloom at a congenial time. This is also the case with human births on this planet.


A chart is designed based on one’s birth time and place. This chart is known as the “natal chart” or “birth chart”. Astrologers read this chart to get information about one’s life. A vedic astrologer reads the planets, house placements and signs in your chart to know about your personality, life possibilities and events, both good and bad. The chart is a map of the various planets, that are present as signs in the zodiac. Astrologers can read the timeline in the charts and are thus able to predict future events.

Vedic Astrology provides a look at the whole big picture of life. It is based on the books of vedic literature, which have been acknowledged as a profound source of knowledge.

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