The Birth of Lord Krishna

The story of the birth of Lord Krishna inspires awe among Hindus. It overwhelms the listener with its supernatural happenings. Before Krishna was born, evil rulers and kings dominated earth, propelling Mother Earth to appeal to the Gods for help. Lord Vishnu, then decides to reincarnate to vanquish evil and restore righteousness.

The Evil Kamsa

In the kingdom of Mathura, the evil king Kamsa terrified one and all. But, his death was prophesied when his sister Devaki married Vasudeva. A celestial voice foretold that Devaki’s eighth son would destroy Kamsa, who immediately tried to murder his sister. But, Vasudeva begged Kamsa to spare his wife, promising to hand over all their babies to the evil king. Kamsa promptly threw Vasudeva and Devaki into prison.

Kamsa ruthlessly killed all the babies born to Vasudeva and Devaki. But, before the eighth child was born, Lord Vishnu appeared before the hapless couple and advised Vasudeva to exchange the boy infant with the girl baby born to the cowherd Nanda.

A Miraculous Birth

On the night of the eight baby’s birth, a tremendous storm hit the kingdom. Vasudeva, to his amazement, found that his fetters got unlocked and the giant prison doors opened all by themselves. It was divine will at work. Vasudeva’s journey with the divine baby to the cowherd’s residence was imperiled by a river in spate. However, a five-mouthed snake sheltered Vasudeva and the baby all the way to the destination.

The babies were exchanged and when Kamsa heard the news about the birth, he came to vanquish the newborn baby ruthlessly. However, when he grasped the girl baby, she escaped his clutch and transfigured into the goddess Yogmaya. The goddess warned Kamsa that his nemesis was living elsewhere and vanished into thin air. As foretold, Krishna grew up and vanquished Kamsa and freed his parents.

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