The Radha-Krishna Legend

The legendary love between Krishna and Radha has inspired Hindus throughout millennia. Radha was Krishna’s favorite ‘gopi’ (cowherd maiden). Their divine love has become a model for male and female relationship. This topic is a favorite motif in North Indian paintings. The allegorical love has also inspired poems from Jayadeva, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Govinda Das.

Dalliance with ‘gopis’

Krishna’s carefree youth was spent in dalliances with the ‘gopis’. These romps symbolize the loving relationship between the human soul and God. The Radha-Krishna alliance is considered as symbolizing humans’ search for uniting with the divine. It also connotes true devotion between lover and beloved.

Radha’s Undiminishing Love

From a young age, Krishna and Radha played, danced, fought and reunited with carefree abandon. However, destiny separated them. Krishna became preoccupied with vanquishing evil and restoring righteousness. Radha pined for him. Krishna became king and was worshipped as a lord. Radha still pined for him.

Krishna wedded Rukmini and Satyabama and raised his family. Still, Radha’s love for him did not diminish. This everlasting love and devotion has become legendary and even today Krishna-worship includes deification of Radha.

Legend of Hot Milk

There is an enlightening legend about the everlasting relation between Krishna and Radha. The great love Krishna had for Radha made his wives jealous. So, they planned to make Krishna’s beloved suffer. They boiled hot milk and offered it to Radha, saying Krishna had sent it. Radha gladly consumed the burning hot milk. But, it was Krishna who suffered painful ulcers. This shows that Krishna lived in each pore of Radha. The divine lord gladly took all her miseries and pain upon himself.

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