Ramana Maharishi

Birth and Early Life

This simple guru was born on 30, December, 1879, in the southern town of Madurai, in India. His given name was Venkataraman. He was born in a middle class, orthodox, Brahmin family. In his childhood, he attended a missionary school to learn English.

Flight From Home

In the year 1896, Venkataraman abandoned his residence, in favor of the mountain Arunachala. Till the end of his earthly days, Venkataraman lived in Arunachala (Tiruvannamalai).

His Enlightenment

The master became enlightened in the year 1896, just before he left Madurai. His transformation came as a flash of living truth, which he perceived immediately.

Penance and Meditation

Ramana practised deep meditation in the hills, caves and shrines around Tiruvannamalai. During these days, naughty boys threw stones at him, but Ramana maintained his calmness and peace through the strength of penance and meditation. His life became a continuous meditation.

His Teachings

The sage seldom talked. His life became a living example of the message in the upanishads. Though he did not convey his wisdom through words, his silence spoke eloquently to people’s hearts.

His Message

His simple message was “Know Thyself”. Ramana asked the question “Who am I?” He encouraged people to make their mind calm and dwell in the self or Atma. Once established in the self, an individual can live happily and peacefully.

Last Days

The Maharishi suffered a malignant tumor in his left arm, and was operated on four times. On April 14, 1950, the divine sage shed his mortal coil. Ramana propounded vedantic philosophy through practical experience. His life is an example that shows one can reach divine realization through an all-absorbing silence.

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