Sri Ramakrishna

This humble, holy man represents the core of spiritual realization, idealised by the sages and seers of India. His whole life was a contemplation of god. The depth of his god-consciousness appeals universally and transcends time. Seekers of god from all religions are irresistibly attracted by Ramakrishna. He inspires our spiritual thought to this day.

A Seminal Figure

Ramakrishna proved that god-realization can occur in any age and country to anyone. He embodied the broadest catholicity and the deepest spirituality at the same time. He did not found a cult or show any novel path to salvation. His god-consciousness was his message. He shone like a spiritual star in an age racked by skepticism and materialism.

His Magnetism

Ramakrishna’s divine personality drew people of all kinds – women and men, old and young, theologians and philosophers, humanists and philanthropists, agnostics and atheists, Muslims and Christians. His small abode in the outskirts of Calcutta thus became a parliament of religions.

His God-consciousness

Onlookers were uplifted by Ramakrishna’s god-consciousness, universal outlook and boundless love. By meeting him, even sinners became transformed into saints. Ramakrishna emphasized on the harmony between all religions. According to him, diverse religions tell the truth from various standpoints. They do not contradict but complement.

Harmony of Religions

Ramakrishna practised the spiritual disciplines enumerated by various religions and realized that though the paths may vary, the goal is the same. Harmony of religions upholds unity in diversity. The fellowship of religions has a common goal – realization of god. Individual god-consciousness will establish this harmony in a seeker’s mind. In today’s world, troubled by sectarianism and religious intolerance, Ramakrishna’s teaching of harmony gives us tremendous hope, courage and inspiration.

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