Raja Yoga (The Yoga of Meditation)

Raja Yoga is known as the king of yogas. It deals with the mind. The yogi sits in a comfortable position and watches his bubbling thoughts. Gradually, he or she stills the mind, restrains the thoughts and enters a thoughtless state.

Various Mind States

Raja yoga is concerned with the states of the mind and ultimately aims at mind control. The mind usually runs in various directions. Sometimes, it is foolish and self-forgetful. When trying to meditate, you would have realized how the mind wanders when you are trying to concentrate. But, with constant practice and concentrated meditation, the mind becomes one-pointed. In the ultimate state, the mind can be fully controlled.

Virtues for Peace of Mind

To get peace of mind, have


towards all. Maintain a


attitude. Consider your superior as your brother or sister. This will help you overcome jealousy. Be indifferent to wicked people and ignore them. Practicing these virtues will give you great peace of mind.

Five Afflictions of the Mind

These are ignorance, egoism, attraction, aversion and attachment. Attraction and aversion plunge one into the deep waters of maya or illusion. The mind is actually not a real entity but appears to be one. With discrimination and by introspecting into your real nature, you can control the mind. Minimize attraction and aversion through meditation. Practise concentration for at least five to 10 minutes a day. Gradually, you will be able to control the reins of the monkey mind.

Obstacles to Meditation

The ancient sage Patanjali pinpointed certain obstacles to meditation such as laziness, dullness, carelessness, disease, illusion and attachment to worldly objects. Sleep is another major obstacle. Many people doze off when they sit to meditate. Analyze your mind and your motives. Practise detachment to the objects you like the most, for some time. After a while, you will be able to enjoy them as a master.

Benefits of Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga will free you from misery. It will help you pinpoint the cause of your misery and the means to get deliverance. Practise raja yoga regularly to attain bliss. Do not fret about the lost days of the past. Start today and practise meditation diligently. Raja yoga is a practical method to gain discrimination, and liberation from misery.

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