Japa Yoga (Chanting the Lord's Name)

The Meaning of Japa

Chanting or repeating a mantra or the lord’s name is called japa. It is an important aid on the road to self-realization. Practise japa yoga with feeling. Diligent practice of japa yoga can give peace and unalloyed bliss.

Benefits of Japa Yoga

When you chant the mantra, do it verbally for sometime and later you can repeat it mentally inside your mind. This procedure is recommended, since the mind needs variety. Chanting and repeating the mantra has an immense purifying effect on the mind. It gives great powers of concentration. Japa yoga benefits one by gradually providing control over the senses and increases one’s endurance. You can attain supreme peace of mind.

Practical Tips for Practising Japa Yoga

  • Select your favorite mantra and repeat it up to a thousand times daily.
  • Stick to one particular mantra for continuity and regularity.
  • Do your japa yoga meditation early in the morning for best results.
  • Sit in a comfortable pose. Sukhasana, siddhasana and padmasana are recommended.
  • Resolve to do japa yoga for a certain period of time, before you start the session.
  • Using a rosary can aid japa yoga practice.
  • When your mind wanders, chant aloud, or whisper the mantra, to focus the mind.
  • Chant with the conviction that this practice will purify your mind and destroy desires, evil thoughts and cravings.
  • Do not hurry through your practice. Chant with feeling, devotion and with a one-pointed mind.
  • Do not pronounce the mantra too fast or too slowly. When the mind loses concentration, speed up the chanting.
  • Be vigilant and maintain a feeling of relaxed alertness during the practice.
  • Be regular in your practice.

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