Jivanmukta (Liberated While Alive)

A jivanmukta is a person who is liberated even while he is still alive. He enjoys the eternal bliss of the spotless self. The characteristics of a jivanmukta are strength, hidden power, exquisite gentleness, mercy, compassion and pure love. His eyes are brilliant, and luster and love shine in them.

A jivanmukta is not selfish in the least bit. He is free from anxieties, sorrows, tribulations and worries. Even when pain affects his body, his face is still calm and serene. His mind is ever peaceful and cheerful. He radiates joy and peace. A realized yogi speaks little, but his speech is impressive and inspiring, short and sweet.

Signs of a Jivanmukta

A liberated sage is free from grief, fear, doubt and egoism. He is perfectly content in all circumstances. He does not care for bodily wants. Mother nature looks after his needs. A jivanmukta does not fear death. His mind is ever balanced and is indifferent to opposites such as pain and pleasure, praise and censure, cold and heat, and failure and success. He remains undistracted even while living among distractions.

A Pure Mind

A jivanmukta’s mind is free from lowly desires. Only sattvic (pure) thoughts exist in his mind. He clearly understands the illusory nature of the material world. He does not distinguish between a saint and a rogue, stone and gold, or dishonor and honor. He sees God in all things and persons.

Though a jivanmukta is not bound by society’s strictures, he does not deviate from the righteous path. His spontaneous actions are based on good thoughts. These actions are above karma. A jivanmukta keeps his cool, even when he is physically assaulted. He may not be a genius, but his silence speaks more than eloquence.

How to Become a Jivanmukta

A jivanmukta inspires other people. He is independent of the fetters of matter and mind. One can become a jivanmukta through rigorous spiritual practice. Conquer the trammels of the mind and body through meditation. Do not forget that even a jivanmukta once wallowed in the mire of samsara (the cycle of birth and death). Take heart from realized saints and climb the summit of self-realization.

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