Reasons for Rama's Popularity

Rama is the quintessential mythological hero. His actions speak louder than mere words. He practised all the virtues that he preached. Despite being blessed with incredible prowess, his character was irreproachable and unblemished. His courage in the face of adversity, patience, compassion, sense of justice and steadfast adherence to righteousness, have endeared him to people of all religions. In this article we recount some reasons for Rama’s enduring popularity.


Rama fought courageously in the battle field. He stood up for the rights of his kingdom’s citizens, and those who depended on him. Rama went into exile with great courage and took it as a challenge. In the forest he fought bravely to help the oppressed. Rama made his kingdom a safer place, by vanquishing those who were a threat to his people.


Rama’s redoubtable prowess did not go to his head. He did not misuse his strength. Popularity, wealth, success and power did not corrupt Rama’s inherent kindness and compassion. His powers were tempered by his gentle and kind soul.


Rama was kind and generous of heart, but by no means gullible. He was always fair and just. Rama did not covet any one’s riches. Even when he vanquished Ravana, he did not usurp Lanka, but installed Ravana’s brother as king.


Rama was obedient and loyal to his guru and parents. He obeyed his father’s request and accepted 14 years of exile. This shows his humility. Rama’s obedience inspires one and all even today.


Rama was patient and gentle with the jungle dwellers. He endured his forest exile with great patience. Rama could have single-handedly built the bridge to Lanka. But, he waited for the monkeys to finish it, to allow them the satisfaction of participating in the great war.

Universal Love

Rama had great love for all beings, small and great. His love was boundless and universal. Even his enemy, Ravana, received his grace. Rama’s love liberated Vali from the cycle of birth and death. Rama’s compassion and love are more reasons for his enduring fame and popularity.

Being Dutiful

Rama was focused on doing his righteous duty. He steadfastly stuck to the path of dharma. Under all circumstances, Rama carried out his duties as a father, friend, king, husband, brother and son. He sacrificed personal grief in his performance of righteous duty.

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