Productive Work: Vedanta Shows the Way

Activity separates the living from that which is dead. Even God is constantly active, holding together the universe, he created. So, how do we make our work more productive? Our work should be attuned to gain both material and spiritual success.

Do Your Best in Any Field

It doesn’t matter what your occupation is, be it shoemaker, banker, butcher, street cleaner or housewife, you should strive to make your work noble. One should aim to reach the heights of utility, beauty and excellence. So, one should select a job that suits one’s temperament and one should love one’s work.

Do Not Run After the Joneses

One should not enter into a field of work with the aim of garnering social standing, reputation, prestige or easy money. That is not karma yoga. The idea of “keeping up with the Joneses” is unspiritual and harmful. Many people go to work just to earn a living, without harboring a deeper significance for their work. One should aim to harmonize one’s work with spiritual idealism to reach the height of perfection.

Do not Neglect Practical Work

One should not neglect ordinary work in search of spiritual progress. If one is careless in a particular department, it can spread to other domains too. Therefore, one should aim to attain perfection in both the material and spiritual fields.

Put your heart and soul into your work. Express the perfection within you through your work, without harboring hopes of praise or fear of blame. The ultimate reward of honest and dedicated work is the unfolding of one’s divine inner nature.

Do not Hanker After the Fruits of Action

Choose your field of activity wisely, according to your talent and aptitude. Then, work will become a joy, and not a chore. Expend appropriate energy in every action. Balance and regulate your work with proper judgement.

Do not spend too much energy by being over enthusiastic. On the other hand, do not be lazy either. Adapt yourself to the needs and pace of the people you meet, and to the demands of time. Give allowance for the fact that you do not have any control over luck and destiny. This will help you keep selfishness out of your actions. You will not be attached to the fruits of your action. Besides, recognition of a superior will can create spiritual poise and calmness.

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