Bhakti Yoga

Worshipping and loving God with devotion and adoration is called bhakti. Hinduism says a person’s highest goal is to become one with God. Yoga can be translated as union. So, attaining oneness with God by following the way of devotion is called bhakti yoga. Many great saints like Sri Ramakrishna have named bhakti yoga as the most suitable path for most seekers.

People are naturally emotional in nature. Love is also emotional, and one feels various kinds of love for one’s near and dear in one’s life. Basically, it is love for family and for material comforts that drives one to action and makes one engage in worldly activities.

Worldly Love

But, worldly love only binds one into a web of worries, expectations, desires and wants. So, worldly love is characterized by selfishness. Also, while there is love, on the other side, there is also hate. Thus, worldly love is transient. When one’s love is not returned, one starts to feel hatred.

Love for the Creator

So, love the creator instead of loving his creation. By loving the divine creator, you get eternal bliss. Worldly love is sweet at the start, but the ending is bitter. On the contrary, love for God may be bitter at the start, but the ending is sweet.

The beginning is bitter because one has to renounce material things, which one has loved for long. So, discarding them for divine love is not easy at the start. But, when one begins to taste divine bliss, all doubts vanish and one feels happiness in finding oneness with God.

Devotion Without Desire

The highest form of devotion is loving God without expecting any boons or rewards in return. Skeptics might say even this devotion is selfish, as one seeks release from the cycle of birth and death. But, Sri Ramakrishna clarifies that the supreme desire for salvation, cannot be equated with lower worldly desires. In fact, even worshipping God in expectation of worldly gain is better than being an atheist, because one still surrenders to the supreme will.

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  1. First time hear something about Bhakti Yoga, but it sure sounds great! Where i can found more information about it, some training or something?