Biography of Mata Amritanandamayi

Mata Amritanandamayi Devi is fondly called Amma (mother) by her followers. She is a widely respected and beloved spiritual leader. Her aim is to inspire people to live a life of meditation and service to mankind. She is fondly called the ‘Hugging Saint’ in reference to her habit of lovingly hugging her followers. Read on to learn more about the biography of Mata Amritanandamayi.

Amma’s Life History

Amma was born in 1953 in Kerala, a south Indian state. Her original name was Sudhamani. Legend has it that Sudhamani was not born crying, as other normal babies. She had a smiling face and serenity glowed on it. Even in her childhood, Amma was devoted to spiritual practices. She engrossed herself in profound meditation, oblivious of anything else.

Amma showed a deep attachment towards all. Other people’s suffering affected her and she tried her best to mitigate their pain. Her profound spirituality has helped Sudhamani metamorphose into the revered spiritual leader, Amma.

Amma’s Mission

Amma has dedicated her life to the love and service of all people. She devotes herself wholly to the well-being of others. Her followers seek solace and serenity in her composed personality and calm voice. These soothing qualities of Amma provide her devotees inspiration to tackle life’s miseries.

Mata Amritanandamayi Ashram

Amma has established an ashram in Amritapuri in Kerala. Devotees from all over the world throng this ashram seeking spiritual guidance and relief from their suffering and pain. The ashram has a serene and peaceful ambience. Here, Amma gives simple, but soothing discourses that serve as a balm to those affected by the widespread ill-will in this world.

Amma’s Teachings

Amma’s teachings are secular in nature as she sees the practices of various religions as aids to purify the mind. She lays stress on meditation, selfless service and karma yoga. Amma promotes the cultivation of divine qualities such as self-control, forgiveness, patience, and compassion. Such practices help one understand the truth that we are essentially not the transient body or monkey mind, but blissful eternal consciousness. This understanding can help us become a jivanmukta (liberated while alive), which is a state of equanimity and perfect awareness. Amma thus says that we should aim to achieve liberation while living in this world.

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