Biography of Osho

Osho was a renowned and controversial guru during his lifetime. He was born Chandra Mohan Jain in the year 1931. He was called Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh during the 1970s and 80s. Later, he became known as ‘Osho’ which means “oceanic”. This article reveals the biography of Osho.

Early Life

Osho was born in a Jain family. But, during his lifetime he did not adhere to any particular religion or sect. In his childhood, Osho was intellectual, but rebellious. His grandmother and grandfather were big influences on him during this period.

Osho’s Enlightenment

Osho confessed that he became enlightened when he was just 21 years old. He then went on to complete his graduate studies in philosophy and became a college professor. During this period, he traveled all over India, giving lectures on Mahatma Gandhi and socialism. Osho organized his first meditation camp in 1964. After a couple of years, he resigned from his teaching profession and became a full-time spiritual guru.

The Osho Foundation

Osho’s followers started a foundation in 1969 in Mumbai. Due to space constraints, this ashram was shifted to Koregaon Park in Pune. It exists even today and still attracts Osho followers from all over the world.

Period of Silence

In 1981, Osho went into a spell of public silence which lasted till 1984. During this period, his satsangs were marked by music and readings of his writings.

Osho’s Last World Tour

During 1985-86, Osho tried to travel all over the world to spread the meaning of spirituality. But, he was refused entry by many countries. He returned to India and continued giving popular discourses at his Pune ashram. Osho shed his mortal coil when he was 58, in 1990.

Osho’s Philosophy

Osho taught that laughter, meditation and love are more precious than anything else in this world. We are enlightened in our normal state. But, we do not recognize this because of our emotional states. Just being is meditation and it need not be taught.

Osho’s Essential Commandments

Osho taught many commandments which encapsulate his essential message. Some of these are:

  • Truth is within oneself, it need not be searched outside
  • We should live wakefully, with awareness
  • When you die every moment, you become new every moment
  • Never search. Just stop and observe that which is

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