What is Enlightenment?

It is difficult to explain enlightenment in words. Therefore, experiential knowledge of enlightenment is important. Have you ever experienced a moment when your mind had stopped thinking and your feeling was beyond description and intellectual logic? At this moment, the light turns on. Such a moment can burst our previous beliefs and assumptions.

The Divine Comedy

Enlightenment would make you think that existence is a divine comedy. Everybody would seem like actors in a play. Their costumes and roles are their personalities. You would become aware of the infinite consciousness behind you and everybody else’s personality. Enlightened people understand the folly of acting a human personality, when they are actually pure consciousness in their innate nature.

We are Under Hypnosis

A trained hypnotist can make even adults behave like kindergarten kids. He/she can hypnotize a grown-up to act like a chicken. It can be very funny to look at. In the same way, we hypnotize ourselves by believing our thoughts or those of others. This is called conditioning.

Enlightenment Reveals that Life is Funny

When you laugh at a joke, you can experience the humor. But, it is hard to describe in words. In the same way, enlightenment quiets our monkey mind and we perceive by direct experience. Enlightened masters laugh a lot and have a great sense of humor. They see life as fun.

Enlightenment Quiets the Mind

Our perception of reality is clouded by mind-created illusions. Our monkey mind adds interpretations and descriptions to what we see. For example, an anorexic woman doesn’t realize the weakness of her body. She just sees a slim figure. Our mind is constantly bombarded by distorting dialogue. This internal chatter is very obvious when we try to meditate. Enlightened people have quiet minds which enables them to realize the divinity behind existence.

How to Become Enlightened

Spiritual practices can quiet your mind, enabling direct perception. Spiritual practices can silence the internal chatter, eliminate false beliefs, dissolve the balloon ego, and teach you to focus on silence. Prayer and meditation are two such practices that can help you attain direct experience.

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