What is Mind Watching (Witnessing Your Thoughts)


Yoga practice can teach you to objectively witness the thoughts that constantly flow through your mind. This practice can bring peace to the mind. So, what is mind watching? It simply means witnessing your mind with detachment.

How to Witness the Mind

Read on to learn how you can objectively witness your thoughts without coloring them:

  • Observe individual thoughts
  • Label their nature
  • Do not cling to any thoughts
  • Slowly you will plunge in to the silent consciousness that exists behind mental chatter

Benefits of Mind Watching

  • It weakens habit patterns: Slowly you will detach from your bad habits
  • Increases Freedom: With practice, your thoughts will cease to be your master. This will give you greater freedom of choice.
  • Detached mind watching can prepare your mind for advanced levels of meditation.
  • Improves your patience
  • You can practice mind watching anytime, anywhere. It does not require any specific time or place.

Labeling Your Thoughts

How to go about labeling your thoughts?

Negative Thoughts

If you get a negative thought about another person or yourself, simply tell yourself that it is not a useful thought. Such awareness about negative thoughts can decrease their power over you. Simply ignore these negative thoughts.

Positive Thoughts

If you get positive thoughts that can lead to further spiritual growth and knowledge, label them as useful thoughts. Then, you can proceed further by translating these positive thoughts into deeds.

Advantages of Mind Watching

Witnessing your thoughts will enable you to detachedly observe your mind’s natural flow. You can become more aware of your thought patterns. Your mental process will cease to distract or disturb you. Any deep impressions that may exist in your mind will get eradicated.

Mind Watching Can Lead to Self-Realization

The ever-chattering monkey mind prevents us from realizing our true self. It stands between us and self-realization. To experience our true inner self, we need to first explore our mind and then transcend it. The practice of mind watching or dispassionately observing our thoughts will gradually make us realize that we are not just our thoughts alone.

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