Children and Meditation

Meditation enables you to get in touch with your thought patterns. Slowly, you start to understand your inner chatter. You then learn to reject and select your thoughts. Childhood is the best time to learn this technique. This article reveals why children should be guided towards meditation and spirituality at a young age.

Do not Impose Empty Rituals

Religious believers impose their beliefs on their children, handing down empty rituals. This does not help the children get peace of mind or become independent. Instead, parents and elders should focus on teaching children how to cultivate divine virtues. Spiritual education should begin in childhood. Without the anchor of spirituality, children can get tossed by the vicissitudes of life.

Lead By Example

The origin of many diseases can be traced back to childhood. This may be because many children do not known how to get peace of mind. Parents therefore need to step forward and teach their children the values of silence and meditation. To do this, parents need to set an example by regularly practising meditation. The inquisitive children would automatically follow their parents’ example and sit quietly beside them.

Peaceful Vibrations of Meditation

Meditation emanates peaceful vibrations that can calm your child. These peaceful vibrations have a positive impact on pets and plants as well. Therefore, do not impose your ego or emotional baggage on your child. Instead, discipline yourself through meditation and your child will also benefit.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality helps us discipline our actions, speech and even thoughts. It leads us to our central consciousness, enabling us to realize our full inner potential. Therefore, education needs to be based on spirituality to promote confidence and self-reliance. Such an education can bring harmony to our inner as well as external life.

Impact of Meditation on Children

Do not impose your views about God on your children. Instead, inspire them to search for the truth according to their personal capacity and tendencies. The seed of meditation, if sowed during childhood, can blossom in later life. Meditation can help children become aware of their true nature. Then, they can experience happiness and true peace.

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