Karma and Non-attachment

What is Karma?

What you sow, that you reap. According to this law, a person is rewarded or punished as per their actions. Every action bears a fruit. This cycle of action and result is known as the wheel of karma.

How to Overcome Past Karma

The law of karma applies to everybody. We have many latent past impressions that rise now and then as thoughts, speech and actions. How do we free ourselves from these latent impressions? It can be done through non-attachment to the results of our actions. We can burn all our latent impressions in the fire of knowledge. Then, they can be compared to roasted coffee beans, which do no have the power to grow.

Do Not Attach to Results

When we pay more attention to the results of our actions, we become slaves to our duties. Therefore, we should learn to do all our duties with focus and concentration, but without worrying about the results. Then, our work would become play, and there would be no strain or stress. An attitude of selfless action can give us more enthusiasm, and eliminate tension and tiredness because of work.

What is Non-Attachment ?

To enjoy life and live happily, we should practice non-attachment. Many people think it is an impossible philosophy to practice. Non-attachment is not indifference and apathy. It is actually love and gratitude. Non-attachment can give freedom, while attachment leads to bondage.

Philosophy of Non-Attachment

We come to this world from the unknown and one day we will go back to the unknown. Therefore, whatever is given to us in the interim period called life should be accepted with gratitude. We should not get attached to whatever material objects we have. They should be seen only as a means to achieve life’s goals, as we cannot possess them forever.

Secret of Non-Attachment

The secret of non-attachment is to love all things in life without getting attached to them. The transitory nature of material objects contrasts with the everlasting divine grace that is always available. This truth can lead to dispassion. When we become dispassionate, we are free from anxieties, ambitions, whims and desires.

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