What is Sudharshan Kriya?

Sudarshan Kriya is a rhythmic and powerful breathing technique that helps a person achieve social, emotional, mental and physical well-being. It forms a core part of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living programs. Today, Sudharshan Kriya is universally praised for helping to eliminate stress and facilitating a person to live completely in the the present moment. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar reveals that he devised Sudharshan Kriya as a bridge to fill the gap between inner silence and life’s outer expression.

Natural Rhythms

Nature has many cycles and rhythms. Day follows night and vice versa. Seasons occur in mathematical harmony. In the same way, our emotions, minds and bodies also have biological rhythms. When these natural rhythms are in sync, there is well-being and harmony. But, when they are disturbed by illness or stress, there is discontentment and discomfort, making us unhappy and upset.

Meaning of “Sudarshan Kriya”

”Sudharshan” means proper vision, and “kriya” means purifying practice. Thus, the literal meaning of Sudharshan Kriya is a purifying practice, which enables us to realize a correct vision of our true self. It is a unique breathing exercise, which can energize us potently. Our cells become fully oxygenated, flooding us with new life. We begin to feel joy by living in the present moment. This feel-good factor enables us to feel love for all others as well.

A Rhythmic Pattern of Breathing

Sudharshan Kriya is about using a rhythmic pattern of breathing to harmonize the rhythms of our emotions and body. This way we can tune them into nature’s rhythms. Our breath connects our mind and body. We all know that emotions can affect our breathing patterns. Similarly, we can alter our breathing rhythms to change our behavioral and mental patterns. This can flush out all worries, anxiety and anger. Our mind then becomes energized and completely relaxed.

Cancer Disappears

Sudharshan Kriya has thrown up results that have surprised medical professionals all over the world. In one instance, a German doctor who had metastatic cancer tried Sudharshan Kriya. She was only able to the course in a supine position. After two more courses, her cancer had vanished. As a doctor, she suggested that meditation and Sudharshan Kriya had got rid of her stresses, clearing the energy around the affected cells. This effect then may have penetrated into her DNA.

Research on Sudharshan Kriya

Medical research has revealed many benefits that can accrue from regular practice of Sudharshan Kriya, such as heightened creativity and awareness, and freedom from depression.

  • Sudharshan Kriya is known to reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This increases resilience to stress as well as relaxation.
  • Research at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi, revealed that Sudarshan Kriya can trigger positive emotions, thereby replacing jealousy, frustration and anger.
  • Sudharshan Kriya also reduces harmful cholesterol and total cholesterol levels, while increasing good cholesterol levels in the body.


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