The Power of Silence

Practising total silence can actually lengthen your lifespan. When we speak, our mental frame of mind controls the tone and level of our voice. If we keep our minds calm, our voice would be reassuring and smooth. This article reveals the true

power of silence.

Talk Peacefully

Since silence expands our lifespan, should we stop vocal communication all together? Breath is free for all to use. But, we should not unnecessarily waste our breath, nor be too stingy. Communication in a hurtful, angry, hostile or loud manner is meaningless and can lead to serious repercussions. Therefore, we should take care to communicate in a peaceful manner.

Silence is Beneficial

We all know that fasting, that is abstaining from food, is good for our physical health. In the same way, practising silence can be called fasting of speech. Spiritually, speech-fast is known to be more beneficial than food-fast.

How to Practise Silence?

When you practise silence, take care to keep your mind in a meditative mood. This will bring calmness to your mind. Watching TV silently is not useful. Also, when you break your silence, do not over-indulge in speech by gossiping for long hours.

To practise silence effectively, you need mental resolve. Affirm to yourself that you will keep silent, with your body relaxed and mind in a meditative mood. You can chant a mantra or observe your breath with awareness. Practising silence without keeping your mind calm and meditative is not fruitful silence.

Research on the Benefits of Silence

In certain ashrams, spiritual aspirants (sadhakas) are known to maintain silence for prolonged periods. Some sadhakas maintain silence for even up to 90 days. One can observe a calm glow in their faces as their intense silence generates and preserves energy. Certain ashrams are equipped with diagnostic equipment such as EEG to gauge the effects of meditation and silence. Sadhakas are diagnosed before and after their prolonged periods of silence. Data obtained from such research can help us better understand the physical and psychological power of silence.

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