Profile of Anandmurti Gurumaa

Followers of Anandmurti Gurumaa sing her praise and aver that she is an embodiment of compassion, grace, love and wisdom. This article reveals the interesting and inspiring profile of Anandmurti Gurumaa.

Early Life

Gurumaa was born in April, 1966. She was not like normal children. When other kids were learning nursery ditties, Gurumaa learnt vedanta. She was absorbed in learning about awakening, when other children were playing with dolls. Even as a child, she was noticed sitting silently or meditating.

Silence in Rishikesh

Gurumaa began traveling to various parts of India, and finally settled in the holy town of Rishikesh on the Ganges. Here, she went into a state of silence and wished to remain in it forever. But, many seekers flocked to her for guidance. She felt great compassion for them and emerged out of her silence.

Guiding People

It seems Gurumaa was destined to guide seekers. Her intense spirituality attracted followers who sought her guidance and knowledge. Gurumaa started traveling to guide her followers. She conducted meditation retreats where people could learn to rise above crass materialism, and inflexible religious doctrines and dogmas. She simplified the practice of meditation to suit the masses.

A Poet Too

Gurumaa is a noted poet too. She has penned hundreds of poems, out of which some have been set to music. Gurumaa often sings them in her melodious voice.

Redefining Spirituality

Gurumaa says that spirituality means waging a battle against one’s ignorance. We need to understand our mind to transcend it. The seed of awakening is present in all. But to blossom, it needs the loving nurture of a gardener, who is the guru.

A Secular Guru

Gurumaa does not have affinity to any one path, religion or tradition. She is a truly a world citizen as she is not bound by narrow thinking. Her free spirit transcends man-made boundaries. Gurumaa says enlightenment cannot be granted by any guru. Your kundalini cannot be awakened automatically by your guru. To progress spiritually, one needs to seek with patience, and meditate without goals. By sharpening our awareness we can transcend the ego and cease to identify with the transient body and monkey mind.

Gurumaa’s Ashram

Gurumaa’s main ashram is in Gannaur in Haryana. She invites all, but does not appease their ego. Gurumaa says very few people surrender totally to their guru, because their ego comes in the way. Gurumaa’s discourses involve various topics such as mysticism, society, family, religion and psychology. Check out gurumaa.com for more information about her messages, ashram and planned activities.

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  1. Touching one. I saw her after a long time on Aastha TV channel a couple of days back. I did regularly watch her discourses during the years 2004 & 2005 in Bikaner. Later I was transferred to other place and due to one reason or the other I could not continue dispite of my keen interest. Mayazal is so strong that none of my plans to meet her is actually materialised. God knows when that day will come…………..