Julia Roberts and Hinduism

Academy award winning actress Julia Roberts says her adoption of Hinduism is not a gimmick. She says she finds tranquility and peace of mind by following the tenets of one of the oldest religions in human history.

Comparisons are Odious

Julia Roberts clarifies that spiritual satisfaction is the main reason behind her conversion to Hinduism. She avers that comparison of religions is a mean thing. Roberts was piqued after seeing a picture of the Hindu god Hanuman and Neem Karoli Baba, a noted guru. She has always showed a lot of in interest in yoga. In 2009, Julia Roberts was in India shooting for the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”. She owns a film production company called ‘Red Om Films’. In Hinduism, ‘Om’ is a mystical syllable that is chanted while meditating among other uses.

Meditate to Realize Yourself

Hindus have urged Roberts to practice meditation to realize the self. Hindus stress that happiness can only be found within a person. They maintain that the way to realizing God is through one’s heart. This is facilitated by meditating regularly. The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad states that meditation can help one understand the true meaning of life.

Diwali Celebrates Universal Virtues

During Diwali, Julia Roberts stated that the festival should be celebrated all over the world to spread goodwill. She said both Diwali and Christmas celebrate lights and good spirits. Roberts stated that Diwali spreads the universal values of eternity, prosperity, peace, self-confidence and love for humanity.

Fond of India

Julia Roberts revealed that she is fascinated and attracted by Hinduism’s multi-dimensional facets. Its spirituality transcends religious barriers, she averred. Roberts also says she is fond of India and has vowed to visit “this sacred land” many times in the future for serenity and creativity.

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