What is Renunciation?

We should not crave sense-enjoyments because our body is maintained by nature and providence. All material phenomena are ever-changing. So, it does not make sense to attach oneself to anything. We should be contented with what we have and not hanker after what we do not have. Only God is eternal. We should enjoy both fleeting pleasures and the Eternal self with equanimity.

Overcome Negative Thoughts

Re-birth is caused by attachment, lust and desire. All of us have a sense of ‘mine’ and ‘i’. We are attracted by pleasure and repulsed by pain. We should aim to overcome attachment and hatred. Desires should be rooted out from our heart. We should rest peacefully in our immortal self and overcome duality, which breeds negative thoughts such as desire, remorse, worry, grief, fear, hatred and attachment.

What is Desire?

We constantly seek pleasure through listening, seeing, grasping and doing. For ages, we have been seeking such pleasures. Yet, have we gained ever-lasting happiness? No! We have been rewarded with zero for all our strenuous efforts. That is why Krishna advises us to renounce desire.

Renounce the Ego

We need to renounce longing and attachment along with desire. But, even after renouncing all these, there still remains the ego. There are two kinds of ego: one is natural and the other is produced by ignorance. The natural ego protects and preserves the body by taking care of its basic physical and psychological needs. Therefore, it is not all that painful. The ignorance-bred ego takes pride in material possessions such as house, money, land, etc. Therefore, it needs to be renounced for the mind to find true peace.

True Renunciation

In order to renounce completely we should give up liking and disliking conditions. Favourable conditions lead to attachment, and unfavourable conditions cause hatred. True renunciation is the absence of both attachment and hatred. Renunciation of all desires helps us gain liberty. By renouncing vanity, our mind is freed from prejudice. It becomes peaceful and calm. The reasons for rebirth are the sense of ego, longing and desire. When we renounce all these vices, we become liberated.

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