Meditation for Beginners

Meditation is a simple practice that can fetch you peace of mind and self-realization. However, you should not be impatient and expect immediate results. This article reveals a few useful tips about

meditation for beginners.

Meditation Instruction

To start, sit comfortably in a clean place. You can either sit on a chair or cross-legged. The important thing is to maintain a comfortable and relaxed posture. Next, close your eyes. This is important because when we close our eyes, we direct energy inward. Now, focus on the dark space behind the eyelids. Start watching the flow of thoughts in your mind. If your mind wanders, you can chant a simple mantra.

We Are Not Just Our Thoughts

Many people think meditation is difficult because it is almost impossible to stop thoughts flowing through the mind. They need not worry. Meditation is not about ceasing thoughts altogether. We only need to watch our mind and the flowing thoughts in a detached and objective manner. When we do this, we start to realize that we are not just our thoughts and mind alone.

Regular Meditation is Fruitful

Our monkey mind will keep wandering during meditation. When you realize that your mind has wandered, gently return it back to the mantra. To start, meditate for about 10 or 15 minutes morning and evening. After the meditation practice, you will find you have greater focus, delight and energy to do your daily tasks. After a few months of regular practice, you will notice progress which would make you want to meditate longer and more frequently.

Benefits Of Meditation

  • Your struggles and worries get smoothened.
  • Fear becomes less because you feel greater joy in daily life.
  • Your thinking starts to become exalted.
  • Love and peace permeate you.
  • Your life becomes more fulfilling.
  • Your start to feel oneness with all beings and start loving them.
  • You become aware of your blissful and immortal essence.

1 response to Meditation for Beginners

  1. Your benefits from meditation are exactly right, and I think the love and peace throughout is the most important. Ever since reading Comfort Healing and Joy: Secrets to living a magnificent life by David Fox, M.D. I have been hooked on meditating. For anyone looking to bring more joy, meaning, and fulfillment to their lives, I highly endorse this book and the practice of meditation at least once a day.