Self is Pure Consciousness

Based on an article by Anandmurti Gurumaa

Our true self is pure consciousness. But, we are not aware of its true identity. It serves as the witness to our state of illusion and delusion. Our false identification with body and mind is the cause of suffering.

Pure Witness

Self if pure witness. So, we need to understand and become aware of our true self. To attain real happiness, we need experience our self and understand that it is pure consciousness.

Change is Constant

Our body changes constantly. We have had different bodies in our many births. But, death has not touched our essential self. Similarly, our mind also is in a state of constant flux. Bad and good thoughts constantly flow though our mind. The intellect also cannot be depended upon, as sometimes it can go crazy, while at other times it is intelligent. We need to be aware of these constant changes in our body, mind and intellect by witnessing them with equanimity.

Self is Immortal

We need to experience our true self. Even in ignorant people, the true self does not perish with death. Realization of the ilife give anything to them. He/she watches mmortality of our self will help overcome the fear of death. Our self is pure existence and consciousness, while our body is mortal. Realization of this fact can give us great joy, while ignorance of our innate self brings suffering and pain.

Become a Watcher

Our mind is often battered by hatred, jealousy, suffering and pain. So, we need to understand that our mind is not us, it is apart from our innate self. To overcome physical and mental afflictions, we need to witness them detachedly. We should aim to become a seer, a watcher, watching the world’s material paraphernalia with tranquility. Change is constant and affects our body, mind and the whole world. An enlightened person is aware of this fact and remains unperturbed by even death.

Let It Be

Realized persons would say that death cannot take anything from them, nor can life give anything to them. He/she watches the cosmic drama before them with detachment and equanimity. They are not worried by any happening. As the Beatles melodiously sang, “Let it be”. This is the attitude of the enlightened person who has realized his/her true self.

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