Chyawanprash: Elixir for a Healthy Life

Chyawanprash is a herbal tonic which has many health benefits. It is prepared by following ancient ayurvedic formulae. Chyawanprash is used by many people in India and all over the world. It is a great immunity booster and energizer. Read on to learn more about the health benefits of Chyawanprash.

Origin and History of Chyawanprash

Sage Chyawan is believed to have discovered this elixir’s formula. He prolonged his youth and life by preparing and consuming this tonic. The ayurveda treatise Charak Samhita contains the original forumla for this herbal tonic. Charak Samhita singles out Chyawanprash as the most important of all herbal formulations.

Unique Recipe

Chyawanprash is a mixture of 49 ayurvedic herbs. Its base is amla or Indian gooseberry, which is botanically known as Emblica officinalis. Other ingredients include honey, clarified butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, pippali and ashwaganda. This proven elixir is beneficial to people of all ages and gender. It improves the body’s metabolism by creating a harmonious synergy. Read on to learn more health benefits provided by Chyawanprash.

Immune and Digestive System

Amla contains much more vitamin C compared to oranges. Thus, Chyawanprash strengthens immunity and speeds up healing. Regular consumption of Chyawanprash leads to strengthening of digestion and absorption of food. It also balances the acids in the stomach.

Brain and Heart

Chyawanprash is known to support the nervous system, and nourish the cells in the brain. It is especially recommended for students as it improves memory power, co-ordination, retention as well as recall. The ayurvedic herbs in Chyawanprash stimulate the heart, and help it to function smoothly.

Kidney, Lungs and Liver

Chyawanprash helps the kidneys to eliminate waste without overworking itself or the urinary tract. It purifies the blood and rejuvenates the liver, helping it to remove toxins. Chyawanprash also provides energy to the lungs and helps to maintain moisture balance in them. It also aids to ease constipation.

Other Health Benefits

Chyawanprash is known to improve skin glow and complexion, and fights bacterial infection on the skin. It improves hair growth and gives strong teeth and bones, as it improves calcium absorption. Chyawanprash alleviates asthma and cough. It helps to maintain youthfulness as it deters the aging process. Chyawanprash also improves fertility, and helps in overcoming conception difficulties. It effectively enhances protein synthesis, thereby improving muscle tone.

Include Chyawanprash in your diet starting today to reap all the above mentioned health benefits. Make it a habit to consume this rejuvenating herbal jam regularly.

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