How to Dissolve the Mind

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Swami Chinmayananda

Swami Chinmayananda explains how to remove the mind’s properties, which if done successfully, can help the mind abide in pure consciousness.

The Four Masks Over Reality

How do we dissolve the mind’s ceaseless chatter? The mind has its own projections, perceptions and thoughts. These exist because of four attributes namely, relationship, adjective, activity and quality. Our mind functions and interprets through these veils. For example, the mind describes an object as “beautiful” (quality), sees someone dancing (activity), knows the sky is blue (adjective) and finally, it compares things with past experiences (relationship).

Colored Perception

Thus, because of our mind’s conditioning and projecting attributes, our perception of reality becomes colored. As a result, we see the world through the interpretations of our mind. There is a saying in Sanskrit, which can be paraphrased as follows: A person without right knowledge may look but they do not see. They only see their own thoughts and projections and nothing else.

The Daffodil

For example, what does your mind think when you see a daffodil flower? “It is beautiful. Its color is yellow. It is a daffodil flower. I have seen such flowers in my friend’s garden. I should start growing some daffodils too.” Thus, the actual flower is forgotten, while out mind shoots ahead on paths of its own. Our thinking mind works by association.

Remove the Veils

To dissolve the mind, we should remove relationship, adjectives, activity and quality. Then, we would see the daffodil flower as it is. Then, we would see it as brahman or consciousness. So, the next time you see a flower or a blade of grass, remove the four interpretations and look at the object detachedly.

Abide in Consciousness

You can extend this objective looking to your friends and dear ones too. So, look at your friend, but forget their name, qualities, actions and relationship. By putting an end to the four interpretations, you free the thinking mind. You then become a pure being as you start experiencing moments of absolute awareness. So, it is necessary to remove the mind’s chatter and look objectively. You will soon realize during those alert moments that only pure consciousness remains.

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