Pran Oorja Yog For Calmness

The Fickle Mind

This article reveals how pran oorja yog can help calm the fickle mind. Why is our mind so turbulent? It is because physical desires keep our mind wavering and in turmoil. Our mind stays happy when things go according to plan. But when things go wrong, our mind becomes agitated and sad. Thus, our mind keeps alternating between happiness and agony.

Delve Into Your Mind

Material objects can never bring happiness and peace to the monkey mind. A sick mind makes the body sick too. A wandering mind suffers despair and tension, which can lead to physical illnesses. Therefore, for holistic health we need to have a healthy and steady mind. To rein in our monkey mind we need to go deep inside our mind to establish a communion with our inner self. When we manage do this, our mind becomes filled with bliss, compassion and love. This is called the meditative state.

Practice Yoga Regularly

To keep our body and mind free from sickness we need to practice yoga regularly. Our mind is seldom in the present, and wanders in the past or future. Yoga can help root our mind firmly in the present. We should do our present task purposefully, without hankering for the fruits. Yoga can help us do this as it fills our mind with positive thoughts, compassion and affection. With regular yoga practice, all our confusions and doubts vanish, and our face becomes radiantly happy.

What is Pran Oorja Yog?

Pran or life-force keeps our body healthy and regulated. Yoga philosophy avers that as along as pran circulates properly, our body remains healthy. If there is any hindrance in the circulation, our body becomes ill. Pran oorja yog cleanses the body of polluting substances, toxic elements, foreign bodies and fecal matter. It positively impacts all body parts. Pran oorja yog invigorates our sense organs and enables the flow of positive thoughts.

How to Practice Pran Oorja Yog

Do this yoga practice early in the morning. Start with chanting Aum three times. Then, perform Kapaalbhati for five minutes. This will cleanse your body. Then, perform yoga asanas to cure lifestyle ailments.

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