Past, Present and Future

Based on an article by Swami Sukhabodhananda

Likes and Dislikes

Do we control our likes and dislikes, or do they control us? Those who are self-aware and conscious are in control of their likes and dislikes. Therefore, their likes and dislikes do not enslave them.

Balancing Time

We may live in the present, but the past and future also hold significance. Certain people remain in the past, while others are hopeful or fearful of the future. A wise person balances time. They learn from their past experiences, plan for their future and do their best in the present. We should learn to enjoy the present by being alive and open to present experiences.

Learn From History

Hitler’s Germany lost to Russia during World War II as he did not he heed history. He launched an attack on Russia during winter. Before him, Napoleon had also adopted a similar tactic and lost. Therefore, we should always strive to learn from the past. But, we should be careful not to become nostalgic about the past and become imprisoned by it.

How to Make Best Use of Time

  • Make a list of your priorities
  • Be aware of the time when you perform at your peak
  • Allot your important tasks to this time period
  • Similarly, monitor the times when your performance is low
  • Do less important tasks during this time
  • Identify the tasks which take a lot of time
  • Delegate work to those who are helpful
  • Learn to enjoy work and you will find that time just flies by
  • Learn time management skills to optimise your time


Our mind is aware of the time most of the time. But, when we sleep or are in deep meditative samadhi, we experience a feeling of timelessness, which is beyond the mind. To experience timelessness, we should be joyful when we are aware and awake. Regular meditation can keep us in a blissful state. We should also ensure not to be disturbed by “thought attacks”. To overcome our thoughts, we need to become their master. This can be achieved by being aware and mindful of our thoughts and the effect they have upon our actions.

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