How to Overcome Restlessness

Based on an article by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

In this article, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar reveals various ways to overcome restlessness of the body, mind and spirit. Read on to learn how to overcome restlessness.

Restlessness Due to Place

Some people may feel restless because of the place they are in. To feel better, one should get away from that particular place, house or street. This kind of atmospheric restlessness can be overcome by laughing, chanting, singing or watching children playing. To change the vibration of the place, you can sing or chant devotional songs.

Restlessness of the Body

This kind of physical restlessness is caused by eating wrong food, eating at wrong hours, sedentary inactivity or overworking. To overcome bodily restlessness, you should exercise regularly, maintain a relaxed work-style, and also diet on vegetables or juice for a day or two.

Mental Restlessness

This is caused by likes and dislikes, disturbing thoughts and over-ambition. Mental restlessness can be cured only by knowledge. We should try to look at life in a more open and broad manner, and understand that everything is impermanent. Even if we achieve everything, it doesn’t matter in the end, as no one gets out of life alive. To overcome mental restlessness, we should have confidence in our immortal inner self and the divine cosmic plan.

Restlessness of the Soul

This is a rare type of restlessness. It occurs when a person begins to feel that everything is meaningless and empty. Only a fortunate person can feel such soul restlessness. One should not be disturbed by it. Rather, one should embrace and welcome soul restlessness. Many people try to change partners, places or jobs to overcome it. But, these tactics do not help. So, if you feel soul restlessness, it means you have begun to look for the divine in everything.

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