How Spirituality can Help Lower Blood Pressure

Based on article by yogacharya Surakshit Goswami

High blood pressure is directly related to greed. Greed leads to desire, which leads to attachment, anger and stress. It is well known that stress can cause high blood pressure. In this article, we tell you spiritual ways to conquer high blood pressure.

Steps to Lower Blood Pressure

  • Read the Bhagavad Gita as often as possible. This epic tome tells us to get rid of anger, greed, ego and other negative traits and thoughts.
  • Exercise and walk regularly. Do your exercise cheerfully. Smile as often as possible to feel good about yourself and to spread cheer.
  • Eat wisely. During meals, ensure that you fill only half your stomach. Overeating can lead to many digestive disorders.
  • Do pranayama and deep breathing every day. Bhraamari, anulom-vilom and kapaalbhati are especially effective. BP patients should do pranayama very gently.
  • Your recreational activities should not make you restless. Watch TV with detachment and do not identify with the characters. Recreation should energise and not disturb you.
  • Every night, go to sleep about two hours after eating dinner. Sleep until you feel rested and refreshed. Respect sleep as sound sleep can keep your body and mind in top condition.

More Tips to Control Blood Pressure

Excess weight is also a major reason for high blood pressure. Overweight is due to greed because we eat mindlessly for sheer taste. The solution is mind control, which can be achieved by yoga and meditation. Surakshit Goswami says that meditating for five minutes can reduce a person’s BP by about 10 points.

When To Do Pranayama

To effectively reduce BP, one should practise pranayama before breakfast, or a few hours after lunch, or before dinner. While doing pranayama, one should keep one’s eyes closed. Thus, yoga, pranayama and meditation, if practised regularly, can do wonders to keep your BP in control.

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