How to Overcome Anxiety

Based on an article by Swami Sivananda

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety occurs when we are uneasy about something. Anxiety leads to distress of mind as we fear some misfortune or danger. Another type of anxiety happens when we desire for some object, and are unsure whether we will attain it.

Anxiety causes mental agitation and restlessness. We feel tight and our heart seems oppressed. Therefore, anxiety can be called a type of rust, which destroy life’s brightness and power. It is verily called the poison of life.

How to Overcome Anxiety

We should try not to anticipate worry or trouble, when such a thing may not even happen. We should take life one day at a time and do the required duties with focus. The rest should be left upon the will of God. Swami Sivananda says we should develop an abiding and childlike trust in God to overcome anxiety. People are tormented by imaginary reverses and dangers. This affects their present cheerfulness and happiness. To overcome such anxiety, we should have full faith in God’s will.

The Will of God

God cares for everybody. Even the lowly frog is fed and cared for by God. Therefore, never become anxious, thinking what will happen to you or what you will eat tomorrow. God is aware of the needs of all. He will ensure that everything is provided for you.

Keep Yourself Busy

To overcome needless anxiety, keep yourself occupied with useful tasks. Do all your deeds with good cheer. To overcome anxiety, cultivate the positive attributes of tranquility, contentment, light-heartedness, ease, confidence, selflessness, calmness and assurance.

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