Grace of God

Based on an article by Swami Sivananda

People are led astray by sense temptations. Society exerts a great influence on them and they lose the will to resist temptations. Such people do not believe in God’s grace. As long as the material going is good, egoistic, proud people are not worried about spirituality. But, when they meet disappointments, troubles, calamities and adversities, they start thinking about God.


The antidote to fear and unhappiness is self-surrender to God’s will. We should submit ourself to God’s grace, which the Lord is ready to bestow upon us. By surrendering gracefully to God, we can overcome our ego. The ego resists surrender. It clings to old desires, cravings and habits. The ego is harder than diamond, hence it is difficult to overcome.

How to Overcome Ego

To overcome this devilish ego, we need to be constantly aware of our monkey mind’s meanderings. Ego is the enemy of wisdom and peace. It entertains subtle desires to appease itself. We should introspect deep into our mind and identify these subtle desires. Through discrimination and meditation, we can overcome these subtle desires of the ego.

Benefits of Self-Surrender

We do not lose anything by self-surrender. Rather, we gain everything from God. We become free from cravings and desires. A person who surrenders himself to God’s grace becomes endowed with discrimination and dispassion. He/she is spiritually advanced, though they may live in the world as a householder. Their heart becomes pure with the light of knowledge.

Renunciation and Karma

Karma ceases to affect a renunciant, as he/she dedicates all their actions to God. Such renunciants are not motivated by selfish desires. Their heart and motives become pure. Such a person becomes a jivanmukta, or liberated while alive.

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