How to Enjoy Work

Based on an article by Asaram Bapuji

This article features Asaram Bapuji’s views as to why most people progress slowly. It is because most of us are loaded with a burden of thoughts and opinions. In the early morning, we go for our morning walk with enthusiasm and joy. But, sometime later, when we have to go to work, our joy fades and the smile on our face is wiped out. This is because mentally our mind is preoccupied with all the office tasks that need to be done.

Work Should Be Play

Instead of thinking work as a burden, we should enjoy it. Our duties should be carried out joyfully and enjoyed thoroughly. You may ask “If work becomes play, then will not business be affected?” This is a wrong notion. Without stress and anxiety, your work will improve. Fear of the future is one reason for anxiety and stress. At the most we will die, but nobody gets out of life alive anyway. So, we should treat troubles as a challenge. Such a playful attitude will rob troubles of their severity.

Fear of Criticism

Many people are scared of insults and criticism. Such fear only increases distress, which lowers energy levels. It is said that a fearful man dies a thousand deaths. Therefore, we should aim to overcome stress, worry and fear.

Analyze Your Mind

Have you ever noticed how your mind reacts in a stressful situation? To improve our awareness, we should watch our mind closely. Such awareness will help us be equanimous even when attacked with insults and troubles. Insight into our mind will help us remain untouched by praise or criticism. This ‘witness’ attitude will make our life joyful.

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