Spirituality is Detachment

The many paths and philosophies of spirituality can breed confusion. So, we should try to assimilate some simple principles. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna tells Arjuna that the fickle mind can be controlled through dispassion. Ultimately, most spiritual disciplines come down to practicing detachment and dispassion. So, we should try to detach ourselves from things that we are currently attached to.

Best of Both Worlds

Most of us want the best of both worlds of materialism and spirituality. But, we should understand that we cannot love both mammon and God. Detachment should be applied when listening or reading to a particular person’s philosophy. We should remove the persona of the speaker and listen only to his/her message. Most of us have the habit of taking everything personally. We should try to overcome this habit and view things impersonally.

How to Practice Detachment

Detachment arises when we realize that it is futile to attach either to our physical frame, which is only a mortal coil, or to our monkey mind, which is just a bundle of disconnected thoughts. We should realize that the only thing that is immortal and changeless is our soul. Soul force is stronger than brute force. By realizing this, we can become detached from impermanent material paraphernalia.

Just Let Go

When we say practice detachment, it does not mean we should shirk away from our daily duties. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna explains to Arjuna that we should do the right thing, without worrying about the consequences. Our focus should be on the action and not on the fruits of the action. Thus, karma yoga is all about detached action and dedicating the fruits to God.

Benefits of Detachment

By practicing detachment, we can learn to witness the intricate working of our mind impartially. This habit can give us fresh insights and a broader perspective. We become free from emotional habits, thought patterns and clinging. If a particular problem is bothering you, take some time out and detach yourself. Taking a leisurely stroll, listening to soothing music or practicing meditation can all relax and detach you. Such detachment will grant you more serenity and greater intuition into all issues.

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