Train Your Mind Through Chanting

Based on an article by Swami Dayananda Saraswati

Chanting is repeating a word or phrase during meditation. It is an effective method to attain liberation. Our mind is listless most of the time ,and we do not know what our next thought will be. But, when we chant, we can realize when we go off track.

Filtering Process

Through chanting, we can exercise choice over the thoughts in our mind. First, we should commit to chanting for a certain period of time. During this time, we will know when some strange thought interrupts our chanting. When this happens, we can ignore the intruding thought and go back to our chanting. Thus, we learn to ignore unwanted thoughts and focus on the chant. This filtering process becomes automatic through regular practice of chanting.

Chanting Instills Mental Discipline

Chanting is a wonderful technique to learn mental discipline. We can learn to analyze our thinking style. Through chanting, we realize when there is an interval between two consecutive mind occupations.

Sounds of Silence

We realize that between two thoughts, there is a small period of silence. Many people have everything, but not peace of mind. So, how do we acquire peace of mind? Is it natural or acquired? We need to realize that restlessness occurs, when we do a lot. But, for peace, what is there to do?

We are Silence

During chanting, thoughts occur with our sanction. And, when this thought goes away, there is silence in the mind. We realize that there is silence between two thoughts. First, we are silent, then there is a thought, which is followed by silence. We realize that despite thoughts, we are essentially silence. Chanting regularly can make us clearly understand this central concept.

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