Breathing Techniques for Peace of Mind

Our monkey mind is fickle and it is difficult to focus it. Our fickle mind is influenced by the environment and our never-ending desires. Thus, our wandering mind ties us in bondage. To attain liberation, we need to look inward. This article reveals useful breathing techniques for peace of mind. These techniques can help your mind become serene by promoting positive feelings of patience, vigor and love.


  • The first technique involves concentration
  • Sit relaxedly, keep your eyes closed and back straight
  • Inhale slowly and fill your lungs
  • Don’t hold your breath and do not make any sounds while breathing
  • Do this exercise for a minute

Naad Gunjan

  • This is the next breathing technique
  • It involves deep inhalation and exhalation for a minute
  • While breathing out, make a humming sound
  • This technique can make your mind calm

Ajapa Jap

  • In this technique, focus on your normal inhaling and exhaling
  • Visualize that you are in a happy mood
  • Try to feel the air coming in and going out of your nostrils

Visualize Love and Happiness

After performing the above breathing techniques, sit quietly and witness everything around you and in you. Sit peacefully adopting this witness attitude. Then, rub your palms together for a few seconds and keep them on your eyes, without exerting any pressure on the eyeballs. After a while, open your eyes. These techniques can be of great benefit to children as they enhance memory and concentration. Perform these techniques to get relief from exhaustion, fear, annoyance, anger and tension. You will also get sound sleep at night.

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