How to Control Anger

Based on Q&A by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Cause of Anger

Anger is caused by our desire for perfection. But, absolute perfection is not possible in action. Therefore, we should allow space for imperfection. In action, only about 95% perfection is possible. But, in mind and speech 100% perfection can be achieved.

How to Control Anger

As stated earlier, anger arises due to our desire for perfection. So, we should allow some room for imperfection around us. When we become angry, we should try to dispassionately observe the sensation. Watch how our mind behaves and how our teeth start clenching. Deep breathing can help to control anger. Also, practice sudharshan kriya regularly to maintain equanimity.

Anger About the Past

We gain nothing by becoming angry about the past. The past is gone, so let bygones be bygones. We may become angry when something goes wrong. That is understandable. But, it is not advisable to become swayed by the anger. To protect our mind from distortion caused by negative emotions such as anger, we should indulge in spiritual practices.

Accept Your Anger

On a few occasions, anger can do some good, while love may do some harm. For example, a loving but ignorant mother may accept all the indulgences of her child, who may want to shirk school and studies. Such blind love can do harm to the child in the long run. Similarly, sage Durvasa was known for his anger. But, he did not dwell on it, and returned to normal state immediately. So, do not be too hard on yourself, if you become angry sometimes. Understand and accept the little bit of anger you may feel sometimes.

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