This Too Shall Pass

Based on a discourse by Lilashahji

Thoughts Rule Us

All of us want to be happy. But, sorrow and happiness do not fall down from heaven. Our thoughts dictate whether we feel happy or sad. Sometimes, even when we are in a happy mood, some sad thought enters our mind and makes us sad.

Pain and Pleasure are Impermanent

To remain ever cheerful we should remember this mantra: “This too shall pass”. This mantra will help us understand the impermanence of both pain and pleasure. When we understand this truth we can becomes immersed in equanimity.

Witness the Opposites

Opposites such as sorrow and joy, insult and honor, and pain and pleasure affect our mind and body. But, we should try not get overwhelmed by these opposites. Our immortal self is imperishable, while pains and pleasures are fleeting. In fact, they cannot even stand on their own. So, we should strive to be distinct from pleasure and pain. We should equanimously witness, withstand and let them go through their course. Then, we will attain peace and bliss.

Our Self is Immortal

Pleasure and pain are the creations of our mind, feelings and thoughts. So, we should try to focus our thoughts on the eternal self and always remain peaceful. Our immortal self is supreme bliss. But, in our ignorance, we think happiness is got from the external sources of sense pleasures. Such happiness is illusory and not real.

Renounce Desires

Even rich men and kings go through miseries because they seek pleasure in transient things. Such pleasures have never stayed for long with anyone. So, we should renounce the craving to seek pleasure from transient objects. Renunciation of cravings and desires paves the path to true bliss.

Contentment is True Wealth

The ancient sage Patanjali said: “Be content whatever may befall”. A content person is happy. A millionaire who is not content with his riches, can be said to be bankrupt. But, a content person enjoys the greatest wealth: peace of mind. So, we should strive to overcome greed and remain content with what we have. And, we should thank God for his blessings.

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