Introduction to Yoga Vasistha

Yoga Vasistha is a Hindu scripture that may not be as famous as the Bhagavad Gita. But, it contains beautiful descriptions concerning warfare, instructions for worship and meditation, psychosomatic theories and useful health hints. This article gives you an introduction to yoga vasistha.

Angst in Our Life

At some point of time or the other, we are attacked by bouts of ennui and angst, and ask ourselves such questions as: Who am I? What is the aim of life? etc. We begin to feel our life is useless and insignificant, just like a leaf floating in the wind. Such feelings of angst breed despair. Yoga vasistha gives answers to the above questions.

Vasistha Dispels Angst

At the outset, Vasistha declares that one who feels they are bound psychologically and wish freedom from this prison will benefit by its reading. What is the root cause of despair, fear and attachment? The answer is desire for happiness and peace of mind. Vasistha says that the world is in essence a hallucination, and therefore unreal. It likens the world to the sky’s blueness. The sky appears blue because of a play of light, but in essence there is nothing there in outer space. In the same way, we strengthen our hallucinations regarding the world.

What is Reality?

For example, take a good look at a gold bracelet. Is it a bracelet or is it gold? One object appears to be two things. Vasistha says that the world is as we imagine it to be. For instance, think of yourself as a sculptor who has a marble slab in front. Out of this slab, you can visualize one Buddha or a hundred small Buddhas. The world also exists as we think it is.

Cause of Bondage

The reason most of us are in bondage is because we chase one desire after another. These experiences leave impressions on our mind, keeping us in bondage. To be from bondage and delusion we should go with the flow of life. Therefore, if we feel sad, or weepy, or joyful and happy, we should go through both experiences without attachment as a free person.

Surrender to Divine Will

Our life is mostly not in our hands. It is part of a divine cosmic plan. We should understand this and surrender to the divine will. The source of all our anxieties, hopes, desires and cravings is the mind which is pure consciousness. When we understand this and abandon attachment to ever-changing earthly phenomena, our life becomes free and divine.

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