Overcome Your Mind

Based on a discourse by Lilashahji

Control Your Mind

We should strive to overcome our mind to know vedanta. The mind is the root of samsara, therefore we should destroy it to gain freedom. An uncontrolled mind leads to degeneration, while a mind that is controlled leads to progress. To overcome agitation and disquietude, we should restrain our mind. The mind can be likened to a deadly snake with its head raised. So, we should aim to get rid of the poisons in the mind and get freedom from vices.

Overcome the Mind’s Fetters

A mind that is free of vices is as illuminating as a full moon. An ignorant person’s mind is fettered and bound. He/she is thus unable to enjoy freedom. To control the mind, steadfast practice is essential. An uncontrolled mind harbors desires for influence and power. This occurs because we feel we are imperfect. We should strive to eradicate attachment to our mind and body. This will eliminate the feeling of ‘mine-ness’.

Overcome Ego

Desires vanish from the mind of a person who has overcome their ego and feelings of ‘mine-ness’ and ‘i-ness’. Such a person can be called liberated. He/she is a master at controlling the usually fickle mind. Their will is strong.

Control the Mind to get Freedom

Samsara sprouts from the seed of the mind. A wise person destroys this seed and hence fears nothing. He/she lives blissfully having gained freedom from the pairs of opposites. Honor or dishonor, and pain or pleasure, do not bother them.

Practice the Scriptures

We all wish to live a peaceful, happy and blissful life. But, such a life is not possible unless we learn to control our mind. It is simply not enough to merely listen to spiritual discourses or read holy books. We need to practice what we read and hear.

No-Mind State

When we overcome the mind, we overcome the world because the mind is the root cause of our worldly experiences. Therefore, we should strive to reach a no-mind state to become blissful and happy.

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