How to Face Problems

Based on a discourse by Asaram Bapu

Our journey on the spiritual path is bound to be marked by good and bad circumstances. We are very happy when the going is good. But, what if we meet bad occurrences? We should take them as a sign that we are treading the spiritual path at a faster pace.

Tests Can Make Us Stronger

It is said that God only tests those whom he loves dearest. Therefore, a person who faces troubling times is to be considered a fortunate devotee. Meera’s devotion to Krishna was made more resolute by troubling relatives. Similarly, little Prahlad’s love for Hari only became greater despite being harassed by king Hiranyakashipu. Sant Eknath became established in divine peace and patience though he was beset by trouble-makers.

Distribute God’s Gifts

Troubles only serve to highlight the importance of a serene nature. A person who faces troubles calmly succeeds more quickly in his spiritual quest. God does shower good things on us from time to time. We should accept these gifts, but ensure that we are not overwhelmed by them. The toys we receive should not become our master. We should treat them as divine offerings to us and strive to distribute the goodies to all.

This Too Shall Pass

Both good and bad times have to pass away. So, we should not become bloated with pride when the going is good, nor lose heart in bad circumstances. The only constant thing is change. So, we should witness the passing phenomena of life with equanimity. Such an attitude will calm our mind and enable us to overcome hatred and attachment.

Elevate Your Nature

We should look upon the world as a divine expression. We cannot take our material trappings with us when we die. Only our innate nature will go along with us after death. So, we should elevate our nature to sublime lofty heights. Use knowledge to overcome the mind’s illusions. Then, negative afflictions such as greed, anger and lust will disappear. Our life will then become blissful, illumined and truly fulfilling.

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