Breathe Deeply To Relax

Based on an article by Anandmurti Gurumaa

Importance of Breath

Breath can control the quality of our life. By breathing slowly we can prolong our life and youthfulness. There is a belief that we have an allotted number of breaths during our lifetime. So, we should breathe slowly to prolong our life. A yogi who has mastered the art of deep breathing, takes in more oxygen and expels more toxins while exhaling, compared to a lay person. The yogi breathes in more oxygen which nourishes his/her body.

Breathe Slowly and Deeply

So, whenever you can spare the time, take in slow, deep breaths with awareness. Even a minute or two of this practice would benefit you more than an hour of shallow breathing. Even if you are busy, take some time out to practice deep breathing. This will enhance your health and vitality. Slow, deep breathing revitalises and rejuvenates our tissues.

Yoga Breathing

Yoga practice lays stress on correct breathing. While doing asanas, we need to practice controlled breathing. Our breath links the asanas together. The effect is enhanced when yoga is performed with deep awareness. It is not possible to be aware of our breathing during the hustle bustle of daily life. Our busy lives make us forget about our breathing. So, we need to allot quality time to practice deep breathing, whenever possible.

Lasting Effects of Deep Breathing

By increasing our daily sessions of slow, deep breathing we can eventually influence our normal breath. Even if we practice deep breathing for just a minute or two, its effect continues for a long period. Quick and shallow breathing is thus delayed. Thus, our deep breathing sessions should be more often and last longer for lasting benefits. This lifestyle is worth persevering with. So, take some time out today and now to practice slow and deep breathing.

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