Improve Your Emotional Quotient

Based on an article by Swami Tejomayananda

Emotional Quotient is Important

You may be rich, educated and intelligent, but you may still be a victim of negative emotions such as frustration, jealousy and anger. This is where your Emotional Quotient (EQ) becomes important.
Our emotions affect our actions and thoughts. Negative emotions cause misery and agitation, while positive emotions evoke happiness and peace.

World Divisions

So, we should try to weed out the negative emotions and foster the positive ones. How can this be done? We categorize the world into bad and good, ugly and beautiful. People are either our friends or enemies because of our likes and dislikes. This division is the root cause of negative emotions.

How to Improve Our EQ

To improve our EQ, we should stop creating divisions and understand that both the positive and negative are manifestations of the same force, only in different forms. Second, you should start thinking that everything is your own self, but may not be similar to you in characteristics. Third, we should try to “divinise” our emotions.

Divinise Your Emotions

Divinised emotions elevate us from the mundane to sublime heights. Hindu scriptures teach us to divinise life’s various aspects. We are instructed to consider our parents, teachers, guests and elders as God. This attitude will transform us positively. Thus, we should identify the divine in everything. The thinking that God exists everywhere will help us rise above good and bad.

The World is Our Family

The power of emotions depends upon our attitude. The success of a stranger evokes jealousy, but the success of a loved one fosters pride. Our love makes us transcend jealousy and feel happy. But, why restrict our love only to near and dear? If we look upon the world as our family, we will start loving everybody. When this happens, negativities will vanish from our mind.

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