Get Rid of Your Ego

If we lug around a heavy balloon ego, it will drag us down. A big ego breeds self-interest and becomes a load. We become irritated and dissatisfied with ourself and the world. This creates barriers between ourself and the people around us. Our mind becomes emotionally volatile, and we become unpopular in society. When we think of all these negative aspects, then we understand the need to get rid of our ego.

You can Become a Jivanmukta

Hindus believe it is possible to become a jivanmukta (liberated while alive). A jivanmukta is free from bondage. His/her mind overcomes ego and selfish instincts. A hallmark of a jivamukta is simplicity. Our mind becomes complicated when we are selfish. A materialistic person pursues impermanent trinkets with such focus, that they are unable to appreciate the simple pleasures of life such as nature’s beauty.

Surrender to God

The Bhagavad Gita says to get rid of our ego we must surrender ourself to divine will. Ramakrishna realized that it is difficult to surrender one’s ego, as it is required for daily life. He therefore suggested a way out. He said that we must become the master of our ego and not its slave.

The Sage and the Scorpion

The ego can be overcome by pursuing selfless action. We should strive to overcome the mind’s natural tendency to think only about “I, me, myself”. You may say society would try to exploit altruistic people. Remember the story of the sage and the scorpion: A scorpion was struggling for its life in water. A sage picked up the scorpion and tried to put it down on land. But the scorpion, true to its nature, stung the sage. The sage was in pain and dropped the scorpion back into the water. Yet, the sage immediately tried to rescue the scorpion again. This story’s moral is that we should remain true to our nature and do the right thing, without worrying about the consequences.

Rectify Your Faults First

Only selfless action can give us bliss and peace. To find peace, we should stop the habit of finding faults in others. We need to remember that nobody is perfect. The Bible says that nobody has the right to cast the first stone, as all have sinned sometime or the other. So, instead of picking faults in others, we should identify our own drawbacks first and try to rectify them. All that is required to enjoy God’s beautiful creation is an effort to lessen our baggage of self-interest and ego.

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