Importance of Awareness

Many enlightened masters stress the importance of awareness. Awareness can get rid of stress, anxiety, unhappiness, misery and sorrow and bring us happiness and peace. When others are unaware and ignorant of their mind, we can detect it easily. But, are we aware about our own state of mind?

Observe Your Mind

To become aware, we need to recognize the shenanigans of our monkey mind. Spare a few minutes to observe your mind. You’ll realize that your mind is seldom in the present. Our attention span is usually so less, that within seconds our mind wanders into the future or past, and into dramas and emotions that come and go fleetingly.

Fleeting Concentration

To gain awareness is not an easy task. The Buddha said that if we can observe our breath continuously for 60 minutes without distraction, then we would be considered enlightened. But, most of us would find it difficult to observe our breath for even six or 60 seconds.

How to Practice Awareness

To become more aware, sit in a quiet place and detachedly watch your thoughts. It has been estimated that about 60,000 thoughts fleet through our mind every day. Detachedly watch these thoughts flow through your mind. When we detach from our thoughts, they lose strength and energy. With practice, the number of thoughts become less. This creates time and space in our mind and increases awareness. But, one needs strong will and effort to achieve this.

Initial Difficulties

Awareness establishes us on the path to self-discovery and bliss. Till then, we are bound to the thoughts in our mind, reacting to every passing whim and fancy. So, take the first step and start by practicing mind awareness for a few minutes. You will initially find it difficult not because of external factors, but because of our internal selves.

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