Love and Dispassion

Based on a discourse by Lilashahji

Most of us are interested in attaining material wealth, but very few show interest in attaining self-knowledge and self-bliss. As a result, very few people manage to transcend the cycle of birth, death and re-birth. To attain liberation, we must focus on developing detachment towards material objects, and overcoming anger, passion and desire.

Mortal Coil

Our body is nothing but a bag of muscle, fat, bones and pus. One day it will be reduced to ashes and dust. This fact must be kept in mind to overcome attachment to the body. It is only a storehouse of miseries and waste. Our body is only a temporary abode for our everlasting soul. We should therefore try to realize our essential absolute self which is true bliss.

Fickle Mind

The mind can be our best friend or worst enemy. By controlling our mind, we can control our senses. Yogis aim to gain liberation by eradicating desires.

How to Control the Mind

There are various methods to control one’s mind such as practicing pranayama, basking in the company of good people or chanting the lord’s name. Meditation and contemplation can give us soul force. So, we should constantly practice meditation and contemplation to get freedom from earthly miseries and attain bliss. Forbearance and restraint are also required to attain self-realization.

We are Essentially the Soul

Our essential self lives in all. Happiness obtained from material objects is just an inkling of self-bliss. Because of ignorance, we believe that our happiness is sourced from external objects. Our self’s absolute bliss is permanent and eternal, unlike the temporary happiness obtained from worldly things. Gold does not lose its essential character whether in the mine, or as an ornament. It will continue to exist even after the ornament is destroyed. Similarly, our soul is also imperishable and immortal.

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