Free Your Mind

Based on a discourse by Asaram Bapu

We are Soul First

A wave cannot find water, because it is water first. Similarly, an ornament or an earthen pot cannot go in search of gold or clay respectively, as they are composed of those very materials. Human beings should also realize that they are essentially free souls, who have taken up the garb of Marathi, Sindhi, Gujarati, janitor, prime minister or white collar worker.

Parochial Thinking

We limit ourselves by restricting our thinking to particulars of designation, position, caste and country. We belong to humanity, but constrict our thinking by regarding ourselves as Indian, American, etc. Some people go further and restrict their thinking by being parochial to their state, city or even locality.

Selfish Thinking

Some people may have garnered many college degrees and an impressive corporate resume, but they may still be entangled in thinking only about “I, me and mine”. This worldly attachment traps them in the cycle of birth, death and re-birth.

External Load

When you go to office, you wear paraphernalia such as ties, socks, shoes etc. And, when you return home and shed this official clothing, you feel relaxed and free. Similarly, our mind also feels free and relaxed when it sheds its attachment to worldly paraphernalia such as titles, designations, etc.

How to Feel Bliss

To feel inner bliss, you can try this technique: Pronounce the ‘Om’ mantra in an elongated manner. Do this meditation for 10 minutes each day. Gradually you will realize immense benefits. Your mind will be transformed and will experience bliss and real joy. Slowly your will wisdom will increase, and love and beauty will emanate from you.

Realize Your Self

Practice the above meditation regularly to find God. You will gradually realize that instead of wasting time searching for meaningless titles, which breed only arrogance, you can instead devote the same time to attain self-realization. The joy of the soul will increase your happiness and you will attain bliss and liberation.

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