We are What We Think

Our innate self is unchangeable. Therefore, we should identify with our immutable self. However, our fickle mind is usually swept here and there like straws in the wind. Petty troubles bother us no end. Our small mind reacts adversely to every imagined slight to our ego. As we think, so our mind becomes. Therefore, we should try to think of God as often as possible.

Go With the Flow

Our monkey mind must not be allowed to wander as it pleases. The scriptures tell us that God is present everywhere and in everything. This means that God abides in us as well. We should therefore turn our mind inward and realize Him. This will remove all our illusions and delusions. If things go against us, we should not worry but accept and go with the flow of the divine will.

Thy Will Be Done

Some people are disappointed if they do not reach deep levels during their meditation. We should not approach meditation with any pre-conceived notions. Just tell yourself “Lord, thy will be done”.
This is reflection and meditation too.

Rewarding Work

Do not work to boost our ego or to gratify your senses. Helping others is helping the Lord. Ask yourself whether your work is motivated by desire for praise and adulation. Eliminate such desires and work honestly and gradually your nature will become sweet and your work rewarding.

Coolness in Hot Summer

People whose work is motivated by desire for fame and appreciation end up fighting with one another. Reject your balloon ego, as there is nothing inside it. If you repeat to yourself, “Lord, thy will be done”, then you will not be bothered by external circumstances, however unfavorable they may be. Your mind will be cool in the hot summer and warm in the cold winter.

Enemies Build Patience

Both summer heat and winter cold can make us strong. Similarly, insults can build our patience and fortitude. Our enemy can become our best friend by teaching us patience and tolerance. Therefore, look at the positive side of things and be reassured that the Lord is doing His best for you.

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