Meditation for Bliss

Meditation is a spiritual technique which can lead to inner bliss when practiced devotedly and diligently. To meditate, one needs a calm mind. Attachments and desires distract the mind from achieving concentration and meditation. The Bhagavad Gita states that regular meditation can lead to self-realization.

Who is a True Renunciant?

In Chapter Six of the Gita, Krishna defines a sanyasi (renunciant) as one who renounces material things. But, renunciation does not mean escapism. One should not renounce one’s duties and flee to the Himalayas. This misconception about renunciation turns away many seekers. Krishna reveals that a sanyasi is devoted to their responsibilities and duties, but they do not hanker over the fruits of their dedicated actions. A sanyasi is not inactive or without higher ideals.

A true sanyasi renounces wordly desires and contemplates on the higher truth. He spends time meditating and reflects deeply on reality. A true spiritual person need not deny themselves worldly enjoyments. Merely performing empty rituals or donning ochre robes do not make a person spiritual.

Balanced Interaction With the World

A spiritual person takes part in worldly affairs in a balanced manner. Their activities are carefully supervised and do not interfere with their meditation. If a person indulges in excessive contact with the world, their mind becomes distracted and is not able to concentrate. But, shying away from enjoyment can also lead to frustration, which will affect one’s meditation.

God is in All

The hallmark of a realized person is that they see their own self in all others. They do not have to go to places of worship to find God, as they see Him in every being. It is meaningless to say you love God if you cannot recognize His image everywhere.

Happy Next Life

In the Gita, Arjuna is initially confused about his role as a warrior. Krishna advises him to focus on his duties. Krishna says righteous persons will be protected from grief by God. A spiritually advanced person will be blessed with a happy life in their next birth. This will make it easier for them to attain enlightenment.

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