How to Deal With Losing

The Bhagavad Gita reveals that we should be equanimous in victory and defeat. But usually, we rejoice when we win and become downcast when we lose. Success, victory and profit give us pleasure. Loss does not. Many of us dread losing and think it signifies tragedy and failure. But, losing need not create melancholy. We can find satisfaction even in loss.

Detached Action

When we deal with loss in a dignified manner, it demonstrates our character. Loss should be treated as an opportunity to practice peace. Swami Parthasarathy reveals that true joy lies in dispassionate action. You might do your best, but you may not get the desired result. From this example, we learn that desired results are not guaranteed. So, we should aim to get satisfaction in our effort. Then, winning and losing would not matter. A satisfactory effort would offset the pain of losing.

Dedicated Work

Put all your effort and work with dedication. This will give you immense satisfaction. When you give your all to the effort, you will experience great peace. Even if loss is the outcome, this peace will not be disturbed. Loss will not make you sorrowful, agitated or give you sleepless nights. This outcome is guaranteed.

How to Deal with Loss

When you put in your best effort, even loss can give you great peace of mind, as you would realize that nothing more can be done. Your mind will rest easy then. Feeling satisfied with loss does not mean you should wallow in self-pity or be happy with an imperfect effort. It merely means that we keep happiness within our control and do not depend on external factors, that cannot be controlled.

Purifying Effort

A job performed well thus gives great satisfaction and peace. This empowers our actions which can purify us. When effort is performed with total dedication, then the ensuing gains and losses become insignificant.

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